CRRC Fahrgastbetrieb E-Bus Graz


Many European cities attempt to electrify their bus fleets in the public transport sector in the medium- or long term. Their aim is to drastically reduce emissions and to improve the quality of life by doing so. We have been supporting our clients with tenders and the implementation of e-buses since 2015.
In April 2017, the city of Graz started an inner-city test operation of innovative e-buses and stationary charging devices in the public transport sector. The energy storage and SuperCaps are charged via the charging devices at selected bus stops during the exit and boarding of the passengers.
SuperCaps – energy supply and charging technology
Essentially, there are two kinds of storage media: batteries and supercapacitors (SuperCaps).
 The SuperCaps constitute a system that enables a quick charging at end terminals and an ultraquick charging at the stops. This aims at making it possible that the current diesel-bus oriented bus schedules can be kept.
• Short charging times with a high energy exchange
• The energy used for braking can be completely recycled into the SuperCaps.
Unique features of the project in Graz:
• All trial efforts concerning e-buses in Europe are based on battery technology. The Graz Linien have opted for an innovative energy storage, that has been further developed on a high level in China, by using SuperCaps. The version tested in Graz for a year belongs to a new generation.
• The innovative part of the project is the implementation and trial of SuperCaps on the Bus.