System Engineering

Systems engineering is an interdisciplinary approach regarding the sustainable development, realization and operation of complex technical systems pertaining to the whole Life Cycle and the holistic effect of the system.

In the sector of System Engineering we have been offering services in relation to RAMS-Management to our customers for a couple of years in particular.

RAMS can be defined as a systematic and standard-conforming analysis of the technical as well as the operational characteristics of the system regarding availability  (A Availability), reliability (R Reliability), maintainability (M Maintainability) as well as safety  (S Safety). Technical Systems can be described on all system-structure-levels using RAMS-system- parameters. The Life Cycle Costs LCC are based on those RAMS-characteristics.  The RAMS-management ensures the definition of systems, the implementation of a risk analysis, the calculation of error rates, the identification of hazards and the ascertainment of costs spanning the whole Life Cycle, the detailed assessment and the creation of a proof of safety.

Regarding the acquisition of entire and partial systems in public transport systems the examination of Life Cycle Costs (LCC) and operational safety is increasingly gaining in importance. More and more operator companies use the results of the prediction- and analysis- procedures in relation to LCC and safety in order to procure cost-efficient and reliable systems, to increase the planning reliability in financial respect and to work towards a systematic consideration of safety deliberations within the system development besides. Thus increased requirements are yielded for the producers of subsystems and components as well.

Alongside our competence in the sector of RAMS/LCC we offer in relation to our services specific experience stemming from the subsequent segments: