Utility vehicles e-mobility

Energy Supply and Energy Storage

The different types of energy supply and storage span from driving wire systems equipped with energy storage to fuel cells with a H2-supply and added energy storage to accumulators (e.g. Li-Ion) or supercapacitors (SuperCaps) on the vehicle. The energy storage units are either charged overnight or charged quickly at special stations.

We have been supporting clients with tender processes and the implementation of e-mobility utility vehicles like e-buses and e-trucks since 2015.

Public Transport

Many European cities that supply public transport are currently implementing pilot-projects concerning the change-over of buses according to the decarbonisation-guidelines.

80% of all ÖPNV-buses in the inner-city sector need to be “zero emission”-buses by 2030.

We accompany public transport companies on this journey.


First attempts at conducting freight transport with the aid of electro-trucks have been made. Many established manufacturers have already presented studies and/or vehicles that are meant to be produced serially in the coming years. Such manufacturers are for example: Steyr/MAN, Daimler or Tesla.