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Maintenance of tram-track systems is confronted with increasing challenges concerning reliability, economic feasibility, security, and availability. Those circumstances require new strategies for the systematic maintenance of the historically developed grooved rail infrastructure.

Within the framework of the project SYS_RSD a system for the systematic diagnosis concerning the condition assessment and the evaluation of a grooved rail infrastructure for tramway- track systems was implemented. The goal was replacing a periodic maintenance and the fault repair with the kind of maintenance that was dependent on condition and reliability as well as LCC and prognosis oriented. Main goals in doing so were the prognoses of compliance regarding function and the implementation of strategically planned maintenance activities.

Within the project’s framework the following happened:

• A method of technical and organizational integration in non-homogenous track systems based on sensor technology and scientific results was developed
• The sensors for long term observation of the grooved-rail turnout for applicability independent from its type of construction and therefore the refitting in existing networks were optimized and further developed.

The attainment of the scientific, technical, and organizational goals was proven during an extensive phase of verification. In this process the developments from the SYS_RSD-project were verified by testing them on 10 different test track switches that were different in layout, age, and exterior influences (e.g. the strain produced by individual traffic) during several months.

The results of the verification have shown that through the development of this pilot project the following goals could be achieved:

• Constructive prognoses about the development of state variables und therefore the prevention of failures
• An essential part in the optimization of reliability as well as the availability of the grooved-rail turnout within the framework of the strategy titled “highly available track”
• A minimization of maintenance costs (LCC)


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